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Maker Faire Milwaukee Education Programming Classroom Registration


Maker Faire Milwaukee and Gearbox Labs are offering three days of learning experiences for students, young adults and educators this year. All programs are recommended for students in grades 5-12 and educators, as well as adults interested introductory coding, electronics, and physical computing lessons. Select from these options below.

  • Friday, September 10: Space Age Makers with NASAFive 45-minute Virtual Programs with Q&A

    Optional follow up Gearbox Labs Virtual Workshop 
  • Wednesday, October 6: Industry 4.0 Arduino Virtual Workshop
  • ALL ACCESS Package

If you are ordering for multiple classrooms, an entire school, a district, or homeschool please use our contact form and we will reach out to you to discuss ordering options.




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Wednesday, October 6: Industry 4.0 Arduino Virtual Workshop
Appropriate for teens, adults and classroom teachers, this two-hour Arduino® workshop will feature introductory physical computing, engineering design, and coding skills.

$150 per person, includes a Gearbox Labs Starter Kit and STEAM Curriculum delivered (FREE US Shipping) in advance.

Arduino® is an open-source electronics platform with easy-to-use hardware and software for making interactive projects and fun STEM competencies lessons.

Visit Gearbox Labs for more information about workshop kits and curriculum.
Scheduled with you after the Faire
Hands-on STEM workshop- Choose from 5 options on the next page

$200 per classroom

Includes 8 Arduino kits and 90 minutes of virtual instruction from Gearbox Labs
  • $350 per classroom
  • curriculum and materials fee includes:
    • Friday, September 10: Space Age Makers with NASA 
      Five 45-minute Virtual Programs with Q&A

      Digital access to the recorded NASA broadcast for later use
    • Wednesday, October 6: Industry 4.0 Arduino Virtual Workshop - One registration per classroom
    • Gearbox Labs Up Virtual Mini-Kit Workshop Scheduled with Gearbox Labs for after the Faire.  Choose one from five options on the next page. 8 kits delivered to your classroom with 90 minutes of virtual instruction.