Gearbox Labs' Design-Build-Code-Share Challenge 2022

Share your innovative and creative projects from your classroom, homeschool, out-of-school program or your own. No entry fee, not forms to fil out, just share your projects, share as often as you want.

Here are the entry rules we will use.

  1. Have fun! Be creative! Surprise us!
  2. Be inspired by others. Be respectful of all submissions. 
  3. The entry must be an original student designed, built, and coded project posted from the sponsor's LinkedIn account
  4. Students must be in grades 5 -12 at a US based school, home school, or out of school program location
  5. Teams are limited to no more than 3 students
  6. All shares must be received by Noon US Central Time on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, on LinkedIn tagging Gearbox Labs
  7. Each entry must feature the use of only one microcontroller like a micro:bit, Lilypad, Arduino, ESP32 (Yes, its ok to use a Raspberry Pi as well).
  8. Entries must feature at least one sensor with data output that is central to the project
  9. In your submission include the following:
    • 2 minute or less one-shot video of the project working - this can be narrated - but not edited in any other way
    • Screengrab of the code - starting at the main sensor section - it does not need to be all of the code, just several lines of code to showcase the work done
    • Image of your design 
    • Narrative of your project including the purpose of the project, your city and school name (if it is named), the grade level of the student or students involved, and a parts list
    • Tag Gearbox Labs with the Gearbox Labs tag
    • Use at least one hashtag
  10. Do not include 
    • photos with faces of students
    • student names
    • personal identifiable information
    • inappropriate or irrelevant content
    • no links to outside content
  11. Judging will occur via your share on LinkedIn tagging Gearbox Labs
  12. Feel free to tag Gearbox Labs on Twitter and Facebook to drive likes to the entry
  13. Awards will be determined as follows
    • Community Choice - First Place - One Award - Awarded STEAM Training Bundle from Gearbox Labs for the entry.
      Criteria is largest number of likes on LinkedIn by Noon US Central Time on Tuesday, January 17, 2023
    • Community Choice - Second through Fifth Place - Four Awards - Wins an engineering spare parts pack of LEDs, resistors, and more parts for the entry.
      Criteria is Second through Fifth Place number of likes on LinkedIn by Noon US Central Time on Tuesday, January 17, 2023
    • Judge's Choice - Up to 8 Awards - Each award is selected by the judges that show creativity, innovation, and engagement. One award at each grade level. The award is one STEAM Edition book from Gearbox Labs for the entry.. Decisions will be made by Tuesday, January 17, 2023
    • Engagement Award - One Award - Awarded STEAM Training Bundle from Gearbox Labs for the entry. Criteria is largest number of comments on LinkedIn by Noon US Central Time on Tuesday, January 17, 2023
  14. Limit of one award per school /grade level. If a school/grade qualifies for more than one award, the judges will select the award received and name the second award to the next qualifying school / grade.
  15. There is no limit on the number of entries from a school or grade
  16. Gearbox Labs will interpret the rules if any conflict arises. All of its decisions are final.
  17. Gearbox Labs reserves the right to report any inappropriate content to LinkedIn
  18. Awardees will be contacted via private message on LinkedIn and announced by 9 pm US Central Time on Tuesday, January 17, 2023